Park Island, Hong Kong: The Hidden Escape

Tsing Ma  And Ting Kau

Tsing Ma And Ting Kau

Upon arrival at the Hong Kong International Airport, one can only be mesmerized by the beautiful Hong Kong skyline while passing by the Tsing Ma Bridge on the bus to city central. Little known that next to the bridge is a small island that holds a unique beauty rarely seen in cosmopolitan Hong Kong. That island is Park Island.

Under The Bridge

Under The Bridge

While the numerous high-rise buildings are a neat sight to behold, I was more enthusiastic to explore the abandoned old houses and to visit the harbor at sunset to see fishermen at work. At night, both Tsing Ma Bridge and Ting Kau Bridge will light up, creating a beautiful night scene that will enchant avid photographers and onlookers alike.

Some might worry about the accessibility of the island, but believe me, it is easy!

  • NR330:Park Island ←→Tsing Yi Station
  • NR331:Ma Wan (Pak Yan Road) ←→Tsuen Wan Station
  • NR332:Park Island ←→ Kwai FongMetroplaza
  • NR334:Park Island ←→Hong Kong International Airport
  • 8 thoughts on “Park Island, Hong Kong: The Hidden Escape

    1. We have seen many images from Hong Kong, but these images are so unique and unseen.

      A few weeks back, Bama and James introduced us to the unseen Hong Kong and now it’s like the icing on the cake 🙂

      Thanks a lot for sharing… 🙂

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