Lucca: The Hometown of Puccini

Piazza dell´Anfiteatro

Piazza dell´Anfiteatro

Lucca, a historic medieval comune in Italy, is one of the very few cities that still have their Renaissance-era city walls intact. Driving within the city walls is only allowed for residents, although I personally find walking inside Lucca much more fun and enjoyable than a car ride. With a population of just over 80,000, most of the Lucca-ians know each other very well. Biking along narrow streets and having Aglio Olio next to San Michele (Lucca’s Roman Catholic Church) are splendid experiences that I would highly recommend!

San Michele

San Michele

A day trip is sufficient for sightseeing in Lucca. Transport wise, frequent train rides are available from Pisa and Florence to Lucca. Remember to drop by the unique elliptical-shaped Piazza dell Anfiteatro, which used to be an ancient amphitheatre for gladiator games. Now bustling with cafes and restaurants, Piazza dell Anfiteatro is the main attraction of Lucca. Psst! There is free Wi-Fi here too!

St Martin's Cathedral

St Martin’s Cathedral

Lastly, do visit the hanging garden at the top of Guinigi Tower for a superb view of Lucca. Not to forget the St Martin’s Cathedral with its iconic marble façade too!

Inside St Martin's Cathedral

Inside St Martin’s Cathedral


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