Gourmet Series: What’s Good to Eat In Tokyo?

On my recent trip to Tokyo, I have discovered that not everything in Japan is expensive. Apart from accommodation and transportation, there are multiple ways to maximize your budget, especially when it comes to food. I managed to visit a few great restaurants that serve fantastic food at affordable prices (by Japanese standards). Needless to say, these restaurants quickly became worthy additions to my culinary adventure list. What about you guys? Any recommendations for a great foodie adventure for my future trip?

2-1 Yaezu, Yaesu Chikagai, North 1, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Personal recommendation: chicken skin!

Daruma - Ginza -Mango Puding with Brandy

Daruma – Ginza -Mango Puding with Brandy



Isono Gatten Sushi
4-267, Kishikicho, 2F, Omiya, Saitama
Personal recommendation: grilled eel sushi!

Midori -  Grilled Eel

Isono Gatten Sushi – Grilled Eel

Midori - All The Sushi

Isono Gatten Sushi – All The Sushi

Mori Ichi Sushi
1-21-8 Tabata, Kita, Tokyo Prefecture
Personal recommendation: spicy squid roll


Moriichi - All The Sushi

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