Action Asian Magazine featuring Indonesian Bloggers

Cover Page

Cover Page

I am honored! To to be part of the latest issue of Action Asia Magazine, May 2015. The magazine uncovers the Asia’s finest, from some of the most prominent to obscure travel destinations, including inspirations by travel enthusiasts all around Asia. I am truly thankful to be invited by the editor, James Louis – as a contributor to this ‘Truly Indonesian’ edition. It’s a humbling experience for me to be featured alongside with these talented Indonesian Bloggers. As a supporter and follower of Harinda Bama (and James Louis of course!), I’m intrigued to know more about the other 3 bloggers who bring on inspiring stories around Indonesia and across the world! In appreciation to fellow adventurers on Action Asia, here’s the list for your enjoyment:

1.James Louis

2.Taufan Gio

3.Harinda Bama

4.Agata Filiana

5.Firsta Yunida

The Bloggers

The Bloggers

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