Who’s the Captain?

30 simple facts about travelwithoutborders:

1. I flew once in 2008, twice in 2009, 9x in 2010, 23x in 2011. And I’m planning for 80x in 2012.

2. I have a fear of height!

3. I’m an idiot for IT. Modest gadgets entertain me well.

4. I’m bad in fashion. It’s a good point to save money!

5. I prefer suburb to city, mountains to beaches, winter to summer.

6. I have a mild demo phobia!

7. Snakes scare me!

8. My favorite country is Indonesia. And I’m not biased!

9. I have a thing for Latin America.

10. I love Thailand, Japanese and Indonesia cuisines.

11. I’m a devoted fan of Roger Federer and Steffi Graf. Ironically, I play bad tennis.

12. Livescore.com is one of my favorite website.

13. How could people hate Meryl Streep?

14. I’m a big fan of musicals. Yeah, I’m that commercial.

15. I do things for passion and believe I can get a bigger satisfaction.

16. I used to travel less because of my commitment to my family. Now, I travel more because of my job.

17. I’m a bad writer. If you are looking for a superb writing, you are in the wrong page!

18. I love to take pictures. They convey my feeling well.

19. I’m an outdoorsy kind of person. I need to sweat and hydrate myself in balance!

20. My siblings are all scattered around the globe. Family reunion is never easy.

21. I try my best to be a nice person. Because there are simply too many bitches around!

22. I like Annie Lennox, Adele, Norah Jones, Luna del Ray, Alanis Morrisette, Sarah McLachlan, Celine Dion.

23. I’m a movie freak!

24. I’m not into politics. World Peace!

25. I’m looking around for meaningful volunteer projects to work on.

26. I try to be logical most of the time!

27. Surprisingly, I’m a homey person. I can’t be a nomad because I need my own space badly.

28. I love sunset and sunrise. I believe they are the most beautiful moments in a day.

29. I adore unique architecture and picturesque landscape.

30. As of January 2012, I have been to 17 countries and 121 cities!
As of December 2012, I have been to 21 countries and 170 cities!
As of December 2013, I have been to 28 countries and 216 cities!



70 thoughts on “Who’s the Captain?

  1. Hi Alex, wanna share a little tips about migrating between the Americas and Europe. Have you heard about repositioning cruise ship? For Europe’s summer, cruise ships migrate to Europe, and close to the winter, they migrate to the Caribbean. In effect, moving between the 2 continents by a luxury cruise ship can be cheaper than the cheapest flight. Plus you get a nice cabin and great food for 2 weeks, and about 7 stops in remote islands/ port cities that otherwise not cheap to reach.

    Now, I know you mention budget. We love budget travel too. I don’t know about you, but for us budget doesn’t have to be basic. Luxury can be cheaper than budget stuff, sometimes 🙂

  2. Hey Lex, should add some fuction widgets on your blog and can consider to add some ads too for your travel budget.


  3. artikel wawancara anda di website The Jakarta Globe benar-benar jadi kisah yang inspiratif. semakin menguatkan tekad saya untuk mengejar passion, mungkin tidak sekarang, tapi pasti ada waktunya 🙂
    nice blog, salam kenal 🙂

  4. Hi Alex,

    Salam Kenal! Funny how things work in this world. I am a travel and photography lover, and was browsing around for inspiration. Then I figured, I need to catch up on news. Went to Jakarta Globe site, and it seems my browser’s cookie was set on “My Jakarta” section last. And voila..read your article, and here I am. 🙂

    Great blog, and congratulations for following your passion. 🙂

  5. Hi Alex, just stumbled across your blog today and I’m so happy to find one more Indonesian travel blogger. I know there are lots of stories and photographs to catch up in your blog but will do so soon. Keep up your passion and safe travels!

  6. Hey Alex,

    Makasih for following me on WP and twitter – I chanced upon your blog this afternoon when I was looking up pictures of Rinjani! I’m planning to go there this July with Bama, so seeing those shots was a big inspiration. You based out of HK juga?

    • Hi James,

      Terima kasih for following me back! I’m based in HKG. Are u Indonesian too?

      Mt Rinjani is awesome, definitely one of my highlights in year 2012. Start exercising for it!

      Let me know if you need any info on that.


      • Sama-sama Alex! Saya bukan orang Indonesia, but I was born just across the straits from Batam… so you could say “almost” I guess!

        Thanks for the offer, I might send an email your way in the next couple of weeks. Selamat Tahun Baru in the meantime!

  7. Hi Alex, love your blog. You’ve sure done a lot of travelling!
    Thanks for visiting and the ‘like’ on the post about Argentina. Drop by any time. And have fun travelling. Where are you now?

  8. A click from other travel blog has brought me here. A very naisss blog you have! Glad to find new site for clicking during breaks at the office 😛 Blogs can be sort of time machine, drive me away to other’s minds and lenses. Hey I love Meryl Streep too!! …..and hate Natalie Portman (well, iri sihh lebih tepatnya 😒)

    Ok, since I am gaptek too, lemme see if I can find a way to subscribe to this blog.

    Salam kenal. Ika

    • Hi Ika,

      Glad you like! Salam kenal juga. For subscription, there is a link at the bottom right corner of my main page 🙂

      Wow another fans of Streep, have you watched August: Osage County? She was brilliant.


  9. From fellow traveler to fellow traveler, I love your ambition and your goals! Even though I am now finally abroad I have started to realize pretty quickly that I’m going to need to start setting some travel goals to ensure that I make it to all the places I want to see! I’ll definitely be following you for tips and updates on good places to go! Thanks for stopping by my blog! 🙂

  10. Hi Alex,

    Your blog and IG are very – how to explain this feeling ya – made me jealous (in a positive way) and entertaining both for my eyes and my hunger-soul-of-traveling.

    Keep sharing! 🙂


  11. Hi!!
    I’m also from Indonesia and of course my favorite country is Indonesia too, and yes, I’m biased! LOL! Love your blog and it is very inspirative.


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