My Top 15 of Bali!

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Early in 2011, I’ve listed my Top 10 must do activities in Bali after a few visits. That was my first article in and thank god, my passion for travelogue and photography is still going strong. Up till this point, I … Continue reading

Togean, Central Sulawesi: A Slice of Heaven!

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Lonely Planet mentioned “It takes determination to get to the Togean Islands, but believe us; it takes much more determination to leave”! After having embarked on this journey, I cannot agree more with this statement. It takes more than a … Continue reading

Ora Beach, Maluku, Indonesia: Little Bora Bora in Indonesia!

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In the eastern parts of Indonesia, there is an abundance of undiscovered gems to be explored. With its resemblance to the Bora Bora of French Polynesia, Ora Beach is one of Indonesia’s hidden retreats. Tucked in the North Coast of … Continue reading