Metro Stations in Munich: Modern and Chic!

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When it comes to metro stations, few could rival the visual spectacle that is the Munich U-Bahn. Defying the stereotype of metro stations as places of commute packed full of noise, smells and banal architecture, the Munich U-Bahn stations feature … Continue reading

Munich, Germany: Where Classic Meets Modern!

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Munich is a treasure trove of sights and attractions where one can spend days just exploring architectural masterpieces the likes of Neues Rathaus and Frauenkirche. Thanks to Munich’s pedestrian-friendly City Centre and extensive metro system, it is now possible to … Continue reading

Cologne: Getting All Excited Over A Cathedral!

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Cologne, Germany’s fourth largest city (after Berlin, Hamburg and Munich), is easily accessible by train in one hour from Frankfurt. Despite the close proximity, Cologne offers a totally different atmosphere. If Frankfurt feels kind of formal or serious, then Cologne is considerably more … Continue reading

Heidelberg: The Charm of an Old Town!

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Heidelberg, one of German’s popular tourist destinations, is such a treat for photographers. The main station of Heidelberg is packed with tourists during weekends. Most of them came just for the picturesque “Old Town”. Fortunate me, I finally managed to … Continue reading

Stairway to Heaven! Literally!

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After my trip to Hohenschwangau Castle ( and Neuschwanstein Castle ( 2 months back, I still remember the beauty of the journey. Normally, I rest like a dead pig (less the snore) in the train or bus before the main … Continue reading