Amsterdam: The Canal And The Bridge!

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If I were to vote for the most photogenic cities in the world, Amsterdam would certainly be among my top choices. Surrounded by hundreds of kilometers of canals, Amsterdam exudes a poetic charm that many travelers find irresistible. I have … Continue reading

Keukenhof, Netherlands: The Most Colorful Day of My Life!

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Annually, hundreds and thousands of visitors flock to Keukenhof to experience what one might say is the best spring in this world. Initially, I, who was never a fan of flowers, remained skeptical about my Holland trip. But after seeing … Continue reading

Volendam, Marken and Zaanse Schans: Let’s Get Back to the Old Holland!

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Volendam Volendam, 20 km away from Amsterdam, holds a totally different atmosphere. The capital city of Amsterdam is developing so fast that it might lose the traditional touch of Holland. On the other hand, Volendam offers a preserved look of … Continue reading