Rome: A Few Hours in Black And White!

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Apart from the not-so-friendly wintry weather, Rome resonates with a magnetic charm that few can deny. Left with a few hours to spare, I still managed to revisit some of the memorable parts in Rome that captured the serenity of … Continue reading

Stairway to Heaven! Literally!

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After my trip to Hohenschwangau Castle ( and Neuschwanstein Castle ( 2 months back, I still remember the beauty of the journey. Normally, I rest like a dead pig (less the snore) in the train or bus before the main … Continue reading

Castle No 2: Neuschwanstein Castle! – Bavaria, Germany

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This article is actually the continuation of my coverage on Castle No 1: Hohenschwangau Castle. ( King Ludwig II of Bavaria befriended Richard Wagner, the famous theatre director. Ever since then, he was deeply influenced by the eccentricity of Wagner … Continue reading