Strasbourg + Colmar: First Touch of Eastern France!

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Truth be told, I had not planned to visit Eastern France this summer. Most flights to the popular destinations in France were overloaded with an influx of tourists and available tickets were far and few between. It was then that … Continue reading

Bruges: The Venice of Belgium!

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If Brussels and Antwerp are too cosmopolitan for you, Bruges might be the next best escapade. Approximately 1 hour away from either of the above-mentioned cities, Bruges truly lives up to its reputation as the ‘Venice of Belgium’. Personally, I … Continue reading

Cologne: Getting All Excited Over A Cathedral!

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Cologne, Germany’s fourth largest city (after Berlin, Hamburg and Munich), is easily accessible by train in one hour from Frankfurt. Despite the close proximity, Cologne offers a totally different atmosphere. If Frankfurt feels kind of formal or serious, then Cologne is considerably more … Continue reading

Saint Petersburg: My Personal Favorite in Europe!

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I’m not too sure why I prefer Saint Petersburg over Moscow. Perhaps, because I have preference for something more laid back, Moscow is always busy and fast-paced. I believe Saint Petersburg has potential of being the best place to visit … Continue reading

Top 13 Russia Travel Tips From Travelwithoutborders

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1. Random identity check is often targeted to foreign looking tourists by the local authority, a photocopy of your passport and visa is sufficient for the check. 2. Remember to register your visa in within 7 days after your arrival … Continue reading