Borobudur Temple: The Treasure of Indonesia!

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When it comes to traveling, I have a habit of not going back to the same place twice. However, for Borobudur Temple in Yogyakarta, I made an exception. 17 years ago, Borobudur Temple became my first cultural splendor in traveling. … Continue reading

Amanjiwo: The Perfect View of Borobudur!

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Often hailed as one of the best hotels in the world since its grand opening in 1997, Amanjiwo is a magnet for travelers seeking a luxurious yet serene experience. Situated directly opposite the legendary Borobudur Temple, Amanjiwo has a spectacular … Continue reading

Gourmet Series: Gudeg Wijilan Bu Lies – Indonesia

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Who? Gudeg Wijilan Bu Lies Where? Jalan Wijilan No.5, Yogyakarta, Indonesia What? Chicken + Gudeg (young jack fruit) + Krecek (beef skin) (8/10) When? Thursday, 11 December 2014 Comment? For a dry Gudeg lovers only! Price? IDR 20,000 – IDR … Continue reading

Top 15 Moments of TravelWithoutBorders in 2014!

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Time flies, it’s the first few days of the year, again! I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my families, friends, acquaintances and strangers who have made 2014 a memorable year. Looking back, I have nothing but … Continue reading

Gourmet Series: Ayam Kalasan Plaza Medan Fair– Medan, Indonesia

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Who? Ayam Kalasan Plaza Medan Fair Where? Kompleks Medan Fair Plaza, Jl. Gatot Subroto No. 30, Medan, Indonesia What? Kolak pisang (8/10) Bubur sumsum (9/10) Pisang bakar (7/10) Bubur ketan (9/10) When? Monday, 9 June 2014 Comment? It’s worth every … Continue reading

Flores: Top 7 Reasons to Visit Flores, Indonesia!

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Flores may not be as famous as Bali or Lombok, but the beautiful island certainly has plenty to offer to the world. One thing is for sure, Flores’ unique landscape and local culture will enchant you! Here are the top … Continue reading

Project Toothbrush 9: Thailand!

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Very often, we have read many stories about abandoned babies, either because of deceased parents or extreme poverty. We feel much about these sad stories, and yet, we choose to do nothing. We may not go as far as adopting … Continue reading

Peter + Olga: The Fairy Tale! – NusaDua, Bali, Indonesia!

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Congratulations Peter and Olga, May your passion for life strengthens every single day. May your love for each other intensifies every moment. May you be each other’s best friend always. And as cliche as it sounds, may you live happily … Continue reading