Extraterrestrials Conquers Singapore!

Singapore continues to make buzz after the opening of Marina Bay Sands and Universal Studio. This time around, they came up with the “Gardens by the Bay” to supplement the needs for greenery at the center of Singapore. Its strategic location next to Marina Bay Sands is sure to boost tourism.

Cloud Forest, Flower Dome and Supertree Grove make great combination to the Gardens by the Bay as a whole. It showcases one of the best natures that we can see in Singapore. The entrance fees might be a bit steep to enjoy all 3 gardens altogether, but no harm visiting once in a lifetime.

Personally, it felt like being involved in the making of Spielberg’s “War of the Worlds” and Cameron’s “Avatar”. Something, somewhere or somehow, there are certain resemblances, especially to the Cloud Forest.

This is another milestone to the tourism industry for Singapore. Nonetheless, I’m not too sure if it’ll be called a tourist trap in the future. But for now, I truly salute to the architects with much respect who came up with the concepts. It is definitely a pleasure to my eyes and a darling to my camera.

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