Where are the Top 10 islands in the world?

I was so excited to know the result when i read the headlines and tried to give it a big guess. Not bad, i got 5 out of 10 right!! And been to 2 out of 10. How about you? Give it a guess!

(Travel + Leisure Magazine)
Rank ’10 Name Score
1 6 Santorini, Greece 90.61
2 4 Bali 90.45 – Been There!
3 – Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia 89.90
4 – Boracay, Philippines 89.83 – Been There!
5 – Great Barrier Reef Islands, Australia 89.68
6 7 Sicily, Italy 89.51
7 10 Big Island, Hawaii 89.11
8 2 Kauai 88.99
9 8 Maui 88.59
10 1 Galápagos 88.22

What could i say:
No 2 is located in Indonesia and sandwiched by Java and Lombok! It is my biggest guilty pleasure to date. Subtle and not over-rated (depending area)!

No 4 is located approximately 300 km away from Manila, Philippines. With 40 locals to have a delightful holiday, i couldnt ask for more. And you know who your are! It was a bang with tons of fun!

For the full list, please refer to the leading travel magazine website:


For more about Bali, please refer to:



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